Roz Dimon

PALE MALE: A PilgrimageRoz Dimon’s work at the Shelter Island Exhibit, Shelter Island Historical Society Barn: Dimon’s “PALE MALE: A Pilgrimage” was recently acquired by the 9/11 Memorial Museum for its permanent collection.

Beth Grossman

Beth Grossman talk“They can try to destroy intellectual life in Iraq and we will keep making and sending more books.” Beth Grossman talks about collaboration with Iraqi friends on the book for the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here" at the International Print Center New York. The exhibit of 280 artists’ responses to the 2007 car bombing of the booksellers street in Baghdad are on view at 5 venues in New York.
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Ruh al'Alam

Thuluth script verseApplying a traditional Thuluth script verse. Placed above a mihrab in a small mosque in East London.

Michael Carter Lamb

michael carter lambMICHAEL CARTER contributes an exclusive original; collaborative work with founder Deborah Rise Mrantz. Ahava/Love will be available as supra-high quality Giclee repro on canvas, as the newest fine art addition to GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM la Bodega digital storefront!

Erling Hope

erling hopeThis past fall, Guildworks artist ERLING HOPE was part of a team created by Temple Adas Israel to re-envision the festival of Sukkot as a community-wide Jewish Harvest Festival. Erling Hope re-designed their sukkah.

Lil Copan

lil copanMark One of quadriptych The Four Evangelists project by Guildworks artist Lil Copan. Read more here

Trinity Band

trinityFelicidades! Trinity Band wins the Silver Dove Award (NL’s equivalent to the Dove Awards) for best album of 2012 for their album Que Mas. Purchase their specially signed first press CDs to benefit the homeless here

Living Waters

The priestly vocation is characterized by [human] reconciliation and healing which testifies to the presence of the kingdom of God even in the midst of a broken world, a world governed by powers and principalities that deny the world its eucharistic identity. But it is a world in which God is "making everything new"(REV 21:5).  A sacramental worldview brings to the fore the importance of the priestly vocation, a vocation not limited to the clergy but intended for all members of the church, for [humanity's] destiny is to be a kingdom of priests (EX 19:6). Humanity has a unique responsibility in this sacramental world which is underwritten, sustained, made visible and mediated by the church, sacramental reality of the world. This responsibility is first and foremost a priestly role, established through Christ's fulfillment of the priestly role given to Adam. …The clergy as set apart from the laity are so set apart only to reveal the priestly role (1PET 2:9) of all those baptized into the body of Christ.  Siedell, D



LOGOS Guildworks Principals

DEBORAH RISA MRANTZ  is currently an MDIV seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School in Boston MA; she is also founder and creative principal of LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES. Deborah's work has developed over thirty years from formative arts-worship apprenticeships at Congregationalist Punahou School, continuing through Jewish theological work in sculpture and liturgical arts, maturing and culminating with work in the lexicons of language—publishing, printing, and cross-sensory digital design. From linotype slugs to digital type-cuts, her pastoral and artistic callings come to fruition in design and art, iconography, semiotics, language and typography as they coalesce in LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES. Deborah’s journey into seminary has re-formed long-held arts vocations within a life of God's Word and pastoral chaplaincy. Creating through Divine word in Scripture, her ministry and artworks speak to faith held solidly in heart, forged from both sacred and secular, manifest as missionally living in Christ. Deborah's core spiritual substance is comprised of inter-religious syntheses—melding Judaism's culture, faith and ethnicity with Christianity's worship and contemplative life. Deborah articulates a pastoral-devotional, fertilely lived-faith by multi-dimensionally re-envisioning God's word, partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with Chassidic Judaism's joyful witness, contemporarily voicing theological richness of the Hebrew bible and Christian Gospel.
REV. DR. JOHN R HEIDEL  is President, Hawai'i Interfaith Alliance. John Heidel was born May 7, 1937 in Idaho. He married Marian Stannard in 1962 and has three children: Eric, Kevin, and Melody. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Willamette University, Salem, Oregon in 1959 and a Master of Divinity degree from Berkeley Baptist Divinity School in Berkeley, California in 1967. Dr Heidel also received Doctor of the Science of Theology from San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California in 1978. Dr Heidel spent five years as Minister of Youth at Central Union Church in Honolulu and 32 years as Chaplain of Punahou School in Honolulu until retiring from Punahou in June 2001. Additionally, Reverend Dr. Heidel is a primary pastoral mentor to LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES, as well as an advising authority on current interfaith ministry.
FRANK FREDERICKS  is the Executive Director of World Faith, an interfaith community service network with chapters in six countries. Fredericks works as an Online Marketing Consultant and has consulted businesses, artists, and non-profits, including the Cordoba Initiative. As an active blogger, Frank contributes to a number of blogs, including the Huffington Post. He is an Interfaith Youth Core Fellows alumnus, UN Alliance of Civilizations presenter, and has been interviewed by Good Morning America, NPR, New York Magazine, and various international media outlets.
NATE BARLOW  is New Media Director in LOGOS GUILDWORKS. Nate's professional beginnings in electrical|computer engineering have segued to executive-creative positions and directing in the film industry. Joining computer and information architecture with writing, filmmaking and new-media, Nate's work with LOGOS GUILDWORKS creates conduits for authentic information sharing to enhance and expand business and creative life. Nate believes new-media can be stewarded responsibly and innovatively–put in service to online communities to encourage diverse encounters and dialog among those missionally focused in faith. Through the framework of LOGOS GUILDWORKS, his command of social media and internet strategies engages the cogs of LOGOS GUILDWORKS' imaginatively messengering God's wordin the Gospel. Nate's expanding cadre of social-networking knowledge empowers our energies and efforts in the GUILDWORKS, constantly re-shaping modern technology's tools into contemporary, joyful, relevant witness and allowing these elements to serve as transformative agents–better able to address diversity and complexity in ecumenical and modern religious life.
DIANE SCHLACTUS  is COO and CFO for LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES bringing over twenty-five years experience as Operations and Finance director for small-moderate sized businesses. Diane is also executive Co-partner in LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area with an emphasis on administrating for executives and companies dealing in fine arts, Diane implements inventive solutions and sustainability in support of innovators and artisans for their endeavours. Combining a degree in History from UC Berkeley with solid financial solutions, she integrates practical with enterprising resources to cultivate success and growth. As a professional musician, pianist, and composer with source roots in minhagand spiritually lived Jewish faith, Diane continues exploring the intersections of artistic vision, social justice in community and ecumenical spiritual life across a wide gamut of creative wellsprings.
LIL COPAN,  Director Arts and Editorial Content. She is Senior Acquisitions Editor in charge of Christian Living trade lines at Abingdon Press, primary Methodist publisher of books on Christian spirituality, ecumenism, Religion and Theology. Lil is also Senior Acquisitions Editor for Ave Maria Press Catholic publishers. From her background in literature and the arts, she also alternately pens a monthly column, "On Art," for Christian Century magazine. Lil's engagement in spiritual direction and contemplative practice shapes her devotional life, also informing her painting through the impulses of native art and the spiritual language of icons.
DAVID JOSEPH BLAIRis a public policy professional; he is also a career pilot, author and avid student of history among other avocations. He has attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and Harvard's Kennedy School, as well as being studied in numerous courses on culture and language at various professional schools. Published in several professional journals, Dave writes on topics varying from Strategic Leadership to Design Anthropology and Applied Econometrics. He has a passion for world cultures, having lived in Russia, Ukraine, Afganistan, Czech Republic, UK and Iraq. Dave's ardent desire is to see culture transformed by genuine and free creativity borne out of a true relationship with the Creator.
REVEREND MARTIN BAN  is a native of Los Angeles. For over two decades Martin has been engaged in pastoral theology and ministry by planting (developing) Presbyterian Churches in the San Francisco area and Santa Fe, NM. Currently he is the founding and Senior Pastor of Christ Church Santa Fe (in Santa Fe, NM). Martin also trains pastors in urban and aesthetic theology; his knowledge and application in formal disciplines of æsthetics and philosophy, and their direct theological relevance to modern ecclesial work as contemporary expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is gifted by his counsel to LOGOS GUILDWORKS ministry, and conveyed through his focus on powerful preaching through the listened word of homiletics. Martin and his wife Mari Anne have been married for 27 years and have 5 children. Pastor Ban and family reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.