Pastoral Care+Chaplaincy

Pastoral Care+ChaplaincyPASTORAL CHAPLAINCY

LOGOS GUILDWORKS is also a pastoral-theological ministry whose members are engaged in living the creative, collaborative injunction of Genesis Let us make man in our image, and of the Gospel's In creating we are God's workmanship. LOGOS GUILDWORKS believes in elevating conversations about how we manifest creativity in God's kingdom–personally and in community seeking intimate, raw, and refined relationships to the Divine. LOGOS GUILDWORKS enjoins us to worship through interactive artworks and through the rubrics and canons of pastoral chaplaincy, assisting those seeking God’s face in lives of lived faith, and devotional, contemplative life moving and connecting us to the Divine.

LOGOS GUILDWORKS pastoral chaplaincy focuses on spiritual formation in urban enclaves, where experiencing lived-faith often requires innovative, inventive expression even beyond traditional rubrics and canons. Working from a wide embrace across the gamut of Judaism and Christianity,  pastoral care and hospitality of heart inhabit the middle of this continuum, center-point on the spectrum of our heritage in Abrahamic faith. Desiring to be pastorally available and accessible to individuals and (Abrahamic) faith communities, we hold an outstretched spiritual handclasp encouraging 'the deepest secrets we have to tell', finding and meeting the Divine as we journey into God's grace. It's our prayer participating GUILDWORKS chaplains and those partnering with GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES through our chaplains blogs and other contemporary ministry models may create new refraction and dimension through GUILDWORKS pastoral care conduits–fully, pastorally embracing souls companionally shepherded, walking alongside and into meeting God.

Seed and silt of the GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES'living waters returns to spiritual roots at Punahou School in Honolulu Hawai'i. Exemplifying and embodying lived faith, Christian ethics and Christian character and values, as well as encouraging and welcoming the Holy Spirit into every facet of developing lives continues to be joyfully witnessed in the pews of Punahou's Robert Shipman Thurston memorial Chapel, built on the living spring-waters called, Ka Punahou. Please feel free to learn more about Punahou School's chapel program, and its continuing vision to foundationally create Christian places of belonging across an ecumenical arc of multi-cultural diversity in the Hawaiian Islands.

Punahou School Robert Shimpman Thurston Chapel

Thurston Memorial Chapel Debra DiCandilo Ka Punahou; the Living Spring

Living Waters

The priestly vocation is characterized by [human] reconciliation and healing which testifies to the presence of the kingdom of God even in the midst of a broken world, a world governed by powers and principalities that deny the world its eucharistic identity. But it is a world in which God is "making everything new"(REV 21:5).  A sacramental worldview brings to the fore the importance of the priestly vocation, a vocation not limited to the clergy but intended for all members of the church, for [humanity's] destiny is to be a kingdom of priests (EX 19:6). Humanity has a unique responsibility in this sacramental world which is underwritten, sustained, made visible and mediated by the church, sacramental reality of the world. This responsibility is first and foremost a priestly role, established through Christ's fulfillment of the priestly role given to Adam. …The clergy as set apart from the laity are so set apart only to reveal the priestly role (1PET 2:9) of all those baptized into the body of Christ.  Siedell, D

And in You all Nations will be Blessed
And in You all Nations will be Blessed

The LORD said to Abram, “Leave your land, your relatives, and your father's home. Go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing to all nations.” GEN 12:1-2  We are all Abraham's descendants. Jews, Christians and Muslims bring with them, together with their unique birthrights from the Father of the great Western Faiths, the longstanding, seminal sibling rivalries that run through the lines and life of Abraham's family. And yet for all our differences, each of our three faiths believes in a God who is known and manifest to us as Divinely revealed. Mystic, martyr, messenger of the Good News, our seeds come from the fertile ground of the first man to understand God's eclipsing, encompassing oneness. Jews and Christians live their lives in accordance to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Muslims live according to the five pillars of Islam and the word of Allah, which came through their last and final prophet, Muhammud. All of us though with different trajectories, revolve around the briilliant light that is One God. There is no God but God, and blessed is [s]HE who comes in the name of God.