And in You all Nations will be Blessed
And in You all Nations will be Blessed

The LORD said to Abram, “Leave your land, your relatives, and your father's home. Go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing to all nations.” GEN 12:1-2  We are all Abraham's descendants. Jews, Christians and Muslims bring with them, together with their unique birthrights from the Father of the great Western Faiths, the longstanding, seminal sibling rivalries that run through the lines and life of Abraham's family. And yet for all our differences, each of our three faiths believes in a God who is known and manifest to us as Divinely revealed. Mystic, martyr, messenger of the Good News, our seeds come from the fertile ground of the first man to understand God's eclipsing, encompassing oneness. Jews and Christians live their lives in accordance to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Muslims live according to the five pillars of Islam and the word of Allah, which came through their last and final prophet, Muhammud. All of us though with different trajectories, revolve around the briilliant light that is One God. There is no God but God, and blessed is [s]HE who comes in the name of God.


Roz Dimon

PALE MALE: A PilgrimageRoz Dimon’s work at the Shelter Island Exhibit, Shelter Island Historical Society Barn: Dimon’s “PALE MALE: A Pilgrimage” was recently acquired by the 9/11 Memorial Museum for its permanent collection.

Beth Grossman

Beth Grossman talk“They can try to destroy intellectual life in Iraq and we will keep making and sending more books.” Beth Grossman talks about collaboration with Iraqi friends on the book for the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here" at the International Print Center New York. The exhibit of 280 artists’ responses to the 2007 car bombing of the booksellers street in Baghdad are on view at 5 venues in New York.
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Ruh al'Alam

Thuluth script verseApplying a traditional Thuluth script verse. Placed above a mihrab in a small mosque in East London.

Michael Carter Lamb

michael carter lambMICHAEL CARTER contributes an exclusive original; collaborative work with founder Deborah Rise Mrantz. Ahava/Love will be available as supra-high quality Giclee repro on canvas, as the newest fine art addition to GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM la Bodega digital storefront!

Erling Hope

erling hopeThis past fall, Guildworks artist ERLING HOPE was part of a team created by Temple Adas Israel to re-envision the festival of Sukkot as a community-wide Jewish Harvest Festival. Erling Hope re-designed their sukkah.

Lil Copan

lil copanMark One of quadriptych The Four Evangelists project by Guildworks artist Lil Copan. Read more here

Trinity Band

trinityFelicidades! Trinity Band wins the Silver Dove Award (NL’s equivalent to the Dove Awards) for best album of 2012 for their album Que Mas. Purchase their specially signed first press CDs to benefit the homeless here

Living Waters

The priestly vocation is characterized by [human] reconciliation and healing which testifies to the presence of the kingdom of God even in the midst of a broken world, a world governed by powers and principalities that deny the world its eucharistic identity. But it is a world in which God is "making everything new"(REV 21:5).  A sacramental worldview brings to the fore the importance of the priestly vocation, a vocation not limited to the clergy but intended for all members of the church, for [humanity's] destiny is to be a kingdom of priests (EX 19:6). Humanity has a unique responsibility in this sacramental world which is underwritten, sustained, made visible and mediated by the church, sacramental reality of the world. This responsibility is first and foremost a priestly role, established through Christ's fulfillment of the priestly role given to Adam. …The clergy as set apart from the laity are so set apart only to reveal the priestly role (1PET 2:9) of all those baptized into the body of Christ.  Siedell, D

My Righteous One will Live by Faith

but my righteous one will live by faith But My righteous one will live by faith HEB 10:38(Blog moderated by Susan H.)  So,living by Faith. Not theoretically or hypothetically, but deeply living in the fallow ground of God's presence and being, and the cool, cranky carbon-emissions covered streets of Cities and broken back-alley neighborhood nooks.

Partner Orgs-Ministries

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Partner Orgs-Ministries

LOGOS GUILDWORKS collaborates with partner organizations and ministries of philosophically and spiritually companion pastoral directions, encouraging exchange in (Abrahamic) faith-based ministry and collaborating in projects of shared substantive theological-ecclesial ecumenism. In partnering with various religious, secular-civic, theological and interfaith organizations, LOGOS GUILDWORKS seeks to inform and encourage transformative religious experience–through collaborations with arts-worship communities, and monasteries or retreats with emphasis in spiritual formation and contemplative life. As these venues manifest through partnerships and urban explorations of living into Hebrew bible and Christian Gospels from revitalized and resonant spheres, LOGOS GUILDWORKS enjoins congregants and communities, religious and lay people to vitally pursuing focused lives of fully lived faith.

We're continuing to bring LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES online these next months; join us as we travel through new dialogues and conversations. Interact via our youTube channel with the different dimensions and planes of engagement in faith-formation and pastoral care–our language and lexicon of God's word and work in the world through artistically expressing the Gospel. Please journey patiently with us. And Godspeed.

LOGOS GUILDWORKS partner organizations and ministries in arts-worship, pastoral conversations and urban spiritual expression are encouraged to create welcoming blogs, hold open studios, or gatherings for neighborhood religious schools and spiritual retreat centers, synagogues and churches. We believe as faith-based work transpires, we're enabled directly to experience artists at work and in current conversation with what divinely inspires us, as well as how religious traditions-customs inform our creativity. These vignette experiences (in our own) and companion ministries also provide glimpsed moments of lived-faith while offering insight and mentorship into human flourishing and dialogue with the Divine. LOGOS GUILDWORKS ministries works to foment connection between cross denominational ministries–of various urban venues and inter-generationally, providing participants opportunity to develop life-long foundations, spiritually enhancing and fusing faith and art in modern ministry.

Faith House Manhattan is an experiential inter-religious community that comes together to deepen our personal and communal journeys, share ritual life and devotional space, and foster a commitment to social justice and healing the world.

Just what it is about a space, or an object or image, which invites us to a state of reverence is a mystery. It is also probably very personal, and individual. But patterns do emerge: the delicate balance of proportions, the dramatic interplay of light and dark, warm and cool, or the way that texture can invite the body--the true temple--to hum its own hymn of praise. These are among the elements which guide us, each to different degrees. These are the principles which conspire to lead us to that ultimately human act upon which prayer and meditation depend: reflection. Like any artist or designer, I work with these elements on a daily basis. But as a liturgical artist and designer, my attention is focused on how these elements influence the religious sensibility, how they influence faith.

Originally created by French artist Jean-Claude Gaugy in an abandoned high school gymnasium in West Virginia,  the Awakening Museum is a series of 400 carved and painted wood panels that cover 8,000 square feet of walls and ceiling. The work was transported in 2002 from West Virginia to its current home in Santa Fe, where Gaugy has his summer studio. The Awakening expresses Gaugy’s spiritual development and connection with the divine. Comfortable padded benches allow you to sit and contemplate the walls or lie on your back to study the ceiling. The central figure on the vaulted ceiling is an abstract medallion of light, color and angles that Gaugy created to symbolize “the inexpressible power and creativity of God, without reference to any specific institutionalized religious belief.” The medallion is surrounded by seeking figures, turned toward and away from the light. The wall panels depict Gaugy’s interpretation of various biblical and other religious themes including the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the last supper, Christ’s resurrection and (Patron Saint of Santa Fe) Saint Francis of Assisi.

World Faithis an interfaith community service network.  World Faith has Chapters in eight countries, bringing young people together in dialogue through action.

Jonathan Dudley’s Broken Words breaks new ground–deconstructing political cogs, religious gears, social nuts, bolts and rivets of mainstream, conservative Evangelicalism’s machinery. Dudley’s arguments focus on a range of topics including those most hotly debated at our cultural juncture: environmentalism, abortion, Church and same-gender issues, abuse and use of political agendas contextualized in moral law and religious cause. Dudley demystifies Conservative populist Modus Operandi, lifting a veil and revealing the face of poverty-stricken theological study and lacking ecclesial scholarship. Yet for all Jon Dudley’s prosecuting Evangelicalism’s absolutism, slanted scholarship and lack of consistent logical premises as defining character-traits, his foundational love for true Evangelical witness and its central tenets of clear, articulate and passionate belief also brims over the edges of Broken Words. His hope and ours, is that post-Right Neo Evangelicals in affirming their essential core convictions are again attending to the places God is both in the undeniable details, as well as vast new landscapes of Humankind and Holy Spirit. And that new Evangelicals are moving toward living in fruits of the Spirit with nuance and dimensionality-prayerfully plumbing the depths of authentic discernment that's wide and high and long and deep as the love of Christ.