iABRAHAMTMUrbanware and GEAR brings together tangible alchemy; DESIGNas concept meeting ideology manifest in merchandise– ranging from grafics,faith-basedFASHIONwear and Accessories (vernacular)GEAR, FineArts and sculpture, contemporaryMUSIC beats crossing the other side of the global tracks.

Philanthropy in the language of the street–from New York City’s East Village to Park Ave to Spanish Harlem. The Hague, to South America to Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico. iABRAHAMTM celebrates rough-edged creativity and innovation with found-art raw results in concoctions made by hardnox ambassadors, envoys, purveyors and products of hipster goods and services on the fringe. Grime-n’glory, hands and hearts hardened by the urban desert and City grind. iABRAHAMTM not-for-prophet hospitality willingly partners with these mainstreamFringe elements and cultural underground aficionados.


Bedouin metropolis and Moroccan bazaar,iABRAHAMTM invites in the extraordinary and most intimately aware, disenfranchised and dispossessed.

Because we know it’s God’s seemingly foreign strangers who are “angels unaware.” Design from GUILDWORKSTM Ministries, DVEYKUS faith-based fashion, MC RighteousB, Netherlands based Trinity, the gritty, granular sounds of Kyle Rapps and YLove, and the Shemspeed cadre led by Diwon together with Street portraiture of C215–we’re all working to create something of our Cities’ birth, life and death. And to imbue that urban(e) dwelling with our core identity as heirs, inheritors of a continuing legacy of being ‘Universal Travelers’ on prophetic, globally intersecting cultural crossroads. We’re extending an invite to dialogue, discuss and dance, and while helping the homeless to delight in the exchange and engagement of continued faith and repair of our broken but beautiful world. iABRAHAM RADICAL hospitality.

Friday, 11 November 2011 19:06


iABRAHAMTM is an Abrahamic interfaith collaboration of faith-based designers, artisans and trades professionals creating cool, expressive gear for the urban desert and city grind. As a design collective, iABRAHAMTM.Co brings the hospitality of Abraham’s tent to the homeless and destitute–through design|arts ministry, faith-based fashion and world music . 36%-percent of profits directly provision and sustain charities and philanthropic initiatives that feed, clothe and provide compassionate pastoral care for New York City's poor. iABRAHAMTM also assists our European partners, working together to support South American cities through the NGO TEAR www.tear.nl/en, and to minister to the local Latino communities of Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico. So participate with us in iABRAHAMTM, economically engaging help for the Cities’ homeless through social entrepreneurship and not-for-prophet hospitality. iABRAHAMTM.Co

As a derivative creative endeavor ministering to various urban, and indigenous homeless communities.

iABRAHAM.Co exists under our overarching LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES inc.

As we continue to grow in serving predominantly Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities we’re actively engaged with creatives world-wide in partnered ventures, moving the world toward repair and healing in God’s Urban-desert dwelling places.


iABRAHAMTM.Co has the mission of living by God’s compassion, and making Abraham’s covenantal worldview of provision and hospitality a revitalized urban reality for the poor and destitute. Engaging Designers, FineArts and Fashion creatives as well as Urban music moguls–we’re creating uniquely metro expressions of God’s word and work in the world. Cumbia to cutting-edge scriptural sculpture or ultra contemporary design to religiously rooted fine arts and fashion-wear, or world-beat urban music providing spiritual sustenance, iABRAHAMTM.Co recognizes these new paradigms as fundamentally rendering a core of faith and belief in redeeming and reclaiming our humanity.

Essentially, (Meta)physical shelter from the City’s storm; urban dwelling-place for the Abrahamic soul.


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