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These videos are also found on the GUILDWORKS youTube channel. Videos are always changing, being updated and expanded in their range of discourse–in hopes we as Abrahamic community have new, pivotal and profound ideas to bring us into conversation and interaction with each other. So please visit freguently; we welcome your suggestions for video sharing, at GUILDWORKS video recommendations.

Shtar are HipHop artists in living, working and making music in the ultra Orthodox Haredi quarter of Bayis Shemesh, Israel. Their "Dre" vibe is smooth on the ears, and their beats bring an über-luxe infusion of modern soundscapes to ancient Jewish liturgy. Fused together in prayer's languages and music, Shtar's sound is unique among even their closest peers and colleagues, forging new ground for the efficacy, ease and ecstasy of prayer through HipHop's vehicle.

ANDY MINEO is a Christian reformed rapper and part of the Reach Records cadre.

DAM is one of the world's best known Palestinian HipHop groups, rapping in Arabic-Hebrew and English about the current conflict in the Middle East.

Miguel Piñero, progenitor of Rap and badboy junkie-poet, donJuan charmer, prison creative and transforming force of nature for the Puerto Rican Homeless and Prison Arts communities, as well as rebel icon in a cultural creative mainstream.

TRINITY the BAND are a Christian mainstream crossover band of 3 brothers and their long-time friend, making music that crosses boundaries and cultures from the Netherlands where they live and are based, to Peru where they were born and to Ireland, where their love for Celtic music emerges with the full passion and joy they exude.

SAZ (Sameh Zakout)