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These videos are also found on the GUILDWORKS youTube channel. Videos are always changing, being updated and expanded in their range of discourse–in hopes we as Abrahamic community have new, pivotal and profound ideas to bring us into conversation and interaction with each other. So please visit freguently; we welcome your suggestions for video sharing, at GUILDWORKS video recommendations.













Samir Selmanovic, founder of Faith House Manhattanspeaks on Religions re-learning how to enter the Abrahamic tent of Hospitality from diversity, while retaining individuated beauty speaking into (un)common ground.




Omar Offendum is an American/Syrian rapper, political and social justice activist working in the MidEast and in America, to raise awareness of the complex problems of dual identities in life, and of life in the Middle East.


Universe Traveler from Malcolm Alston on Vimeo.


Khaled M is a Chicago-based Libyan-American hip hop artist who embodies "struggle" in his life story and his music. He integrates his Muslim faith by living it and his music seamlessly entwined in everything he creates and is a potential vehicle for, in God.


LECRAE is mainstream and Christian recording artist, record producer and label co-founder or REACH RECORDS.


Benjamin Bratt PINERO "Seekin the Cause" Miguel Piñero, progenitor of Rap and badboy junkie-poet, donJuan charmer, prison creative and transforming force of nature for the Puerto Rican and Prison Arts communities, as well as cultural creative mainstream and arts heritage societies.


Lowkey (Kareem Dennis) is an outspoken HipHop artist and political spokesman for Palestinians and other anti-Zionist groups. Lowkey is one of the youngest and most articulate lyricists on the HipHop scene. His fluency in English and Arabic, and his dual British and Arab identities are often the subject of his Rapping, as he examines their endemic problems in the wider world socio-economic and geopolitical contexts of current world affairs and diplomacy. He has taken a hiatus from HipHop, to resume his studies at University, in 2012.


HAZAKIM are Anthony and Michael Wray, HipHop artists, Messianic Jews giving serious Christian Apologetics a new form and unparalleled accessibility through Rap.


Rob Bell's Everything is Spiritual excerpted.


DeScribe (Shneur Hasofer)


RIGHTEOUS B is a Catholic Christian rapper based in Ohio, with an inner city ministry, Dirty Vagabond Ministries in NYC.



"MAKE IT" Describe & Y-Love collaboration ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MODULAR MOODS/SHEMSPEED from guildworks | iAbraham on Vimeo.


Private Video

DeScribe and YLOVE performing 'Make It" on the Shemspeed label; This is Unity and This is Babylon have Y-Love leading a new era of "global hip-hop" - where global social consciousness combines with pounding rhythms.

RENT REMIX - Kyle Rapps (feat. KRS-One) from mr complex on Vimeo.