DVEYKUS | Baruch Chertok

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 00:23
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Baruch Chertok


Media (Fashion) Design


Baruch, currently based in Brooklyn, seamlessly bridges the gap between art, music and fashion as well as culture, spirituality and philosophy into his designs. A graduate of FIDM in San Francisco and a fashion & graphic designer by trade who has worked for industry leaders such as Bisou Bisou and Z.Cavaricci, Baruch's relationship with Judaism sprouted from a seemingly simple question: What does it mean to be Jewish? The question had a profound impact leading Baruch on an exploration that resulted in a major shift in his perspective. Dveykus is a by-product of his journey.

Artist Statement

Dveykus is a NYC based transcendent, contemporary accessories line exploring the cultural, historical and spiritual spectra of Jewish consciousness. Launched in 2009 by fashion industry insider Baruch Chertok, the line mixes thought-provoking imagery, Semitic influences and pop culture to give Dveykus its distinct, iconic style. Our goal is to inspire Jews of all backgrounds to explore the beauty and wisdom of their heritage by using the rich mediums of fashion and visual art to promote conversation and connection, thereby fostering a sense of Jewish pride and relevance in our 21st Century generation.

Title: Wall Street Vibe

Medium: Digital Media


Medium: Digital Media

Title: Jewel in Crown(Heights)
Fashion in the Old City
Medium: Digital Media


Medium: Digital Media