Jim LePage

Monday, 22 August 2011 21:37
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Media Design, Visual Arts


Jim LePage is an artist and graphic designer in Bellingham, WA, working as Senior Designer with Logos Bible Software, as well as having his own graphic design business. He has an ongoing project, Word, creating original designs based on each book of the Bible. LePage is also co-creator and curator of Old & New, a collaborative design project based on passages in the Bible.

Artist Statement 

The God I read about in the Bible is beautiful, but also surprising, creative, offensive, risky and oftentimes seems a little crazy. I want my art (and the reflections for each design) to represent all of that. As an artist who is Christian, it seems to me that most Biblical art seems to value propriety over honesty. In other words, it's better for Biblical art to be "nice" than honest. I wanted to value honesty above propriety and I think that led me to some strange and lesser explored parts of scripture. For me, if I didn't explore those passages, it would have felt dishonest. Oftentimes, being honest in the design led me to a greater and deeper appreciation of the passage and I ended up seeing it in a completely different light. If I see Biblical art that is so honest that it would never hang inside the four walls of a church, I’m drawn to that.

Title: Word: Habakkuk

Medium: Digital Art
Title: Word: Matthew
(The Headless Baptist) 
Medium: Digital Art
Title: Word: 1 Chronicles

Medium: Digital Art
Title: Word: Romans

Medium: Digital Art
Title: Word Leftovers:
Joshua (Blue Note)
Medium: Digital Art
Title: Word: Micah

Medium: Digital Art
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