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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 01:25
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For the past twenty years Michael has been involved in education, from curriculum design and classroom teaching to speaking at national conferences. His teachings posts have ranged from Kindergarten to University level. In the mid-1990's, Michael was asked to develop an art program for Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN., one of the premier Classical Christian Schools in the U.S., where he would eventually teach Art, History and Latin for several years. Currently Michael teaches art and creative writing at Trinity Christian Preparatory School in Charlotte, NC.

Artist Statement

Abraham is recognized as the Father of Nations and revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims. This image, AHAVA [the artist’s main image] depicts the moment of Abraham's sacrifice on Mt. Moriah. I imagined a series of three images-a knife, thorns and a ram's horn. The Hebrew text is Abraham's words to Isaac, "God will provide the lamb." The Arabic text over the knife reads, “sacrifice” and over the ram's horn “Moriah.” The layers within the Hebrew language run deep, forming a network that both inspires and defies human comprehension. Within the verses of text the individual words speak; within the words the individual characters have a voice. It was as I painted these characters that I focused on their nature as letterforms.

Seeing the Word 'The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw ...' (my italics) ISA 2:1 The words, “saw the word” continue to captivate my imagination. Some twenty years ago I noticed a Call To Entry from a group asking for an illustration of the Second Commandment—the admonition against graven images. That challenge began my journey into visual scripture; imagery bordered by the scriptural text. What began with paint and physical texture has evolved into digital imagery and visual texture. Growing up, I was exposed to the family business of memorial art, more commonly known as tombstones. Over time, lettering in stone became a daily routine that would last for years. As a graphic design major in college my appreciation of typography developed. In grad school, while working on my MFA, the appreciation grew to include Hebrew letterforms. Exploring the depth of Hebrew, from visual elegance to symbolic references, has led to an ongoing series of mixed media imagery.

Title: Honor Your Father and
Medium: Digital art
Year: 2008
Title: Isaiah - 40
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2008
Title: Ahava (Detail)
Medium: Digital art
Year: 2013
Medium: Detail from Process Sketch
Title: Lectures on Art and Faith
Medium: Artroom Chalkboard
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