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Thursday, 30 September 2010 00:46
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Deborah Risa Mrantz is currently an MDIV seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School in Boston MA, and incoming seminarian at Pacific School of Religion; she is also founder and executive creative of LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS AND MINISTRIES INC, a modern interfaith ministry in pastoral chaplaincy, design-arts ministry and worship fusing art and faith in a new conceptual paradigm revealing God's word in Scripture. Deborah's calling has developed over thirty years from beginnings in music and fine art apprenticeships at Congregationalist Punahou School, through Jewish theological work in sculpture and liturgical arts maturing and culminating in ecumenical works in the lexicons of language-publishing, printing and multi-sensory digital design.

Artist Statement

Deborah's journey into seminary has re-formed long-held arts vocations within a life of God's Word and pastoral ministry. LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS coheres her life's work into a modern faith-based artists guild whose members fashion ecumenical and liturgical-ecclesial artworks for individual and community religious spaces, monasteries and faith-based retreat-centers, churches and synagogues.

Deborah's work speaks into spiritual crossroads, converging planes in Abrahamic traditions meeting in root and origin of Word. For Jews and Christians as people of the book (biblical scripture), and also of Custom in lived faith (minhag), God speaks creation into being through the word. “And God said ” brings light and darkness separated into morning and evening, holds blessing of the seventh day in holiness and rest, and relates the Heavens and the Earth were completed in all their vast array (GEN 2:1). Language and letterforms make the infinitely divine building blocks of creation-where through the logos (λόγος), In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (JN 1:1). Heavens and firmament actualize embodied and complete.

Contemporary ecclesial artworks contribute to spiritual formation by engaging new, modern devotional places. The foundational artworks of LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS compell shaping faith by visually sculpted language. Saint Luke tells us The eye is the lamp of the body; when your eye is clear your whole body is also full of light (LK 11:34). In working with language as multi-sensory sculpture, perichoristic interplay enlivens God's holy word. Illumining by Spirit as it indwells us, we physically and metaphysically become body as temple–a sanctuary of language and soul sparking and setting our hearts on fire. LOGOS’ design works are informed by embodied beauty and holiness of Scripture, and the unspoken but clearly denoted semantics of typographic forms. Loving language and letters, I remain captivated by their mystique and substance–by how they invoke and evoke God’s grace, reforming creative genesis from a foundry of reciprocal relationship to the Divine. As a designer of distinctly modern sensibilities I continue to turn toward emulating the sublime in formal and found-art of God's manifest creation, encouraged by the example of Saint Paul who used the cultural artifacts at hand, and in a radical move also bent them toward the Gospel, making them work for him and his audience as a means of (devotional and) apologetic grace.

Creative Cultural Initiatives and Urban Outreach
Santa Fe NM | Boston MA

Title: Lo Yisa Goy
Medium: Digital laminate
to aluminum
Year: 2010

Title: "Grain In Abundance" Diptych
Medium: Digital laminate
to aluminum
Year: 2010

Title: BASQUIAT detail
Medium: Charcoal and OpenAcrylic
Collaborative Lillian R Copan | Deborah Risa Mrantz
Painting on Canvass
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