Lilya Ratner

Friday, 03 February 2012 04:22
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Media Visual Arts, Sculpture


Lilya Ratner graduated from Moscow Poligraphical institute (now Print Academy), majoring in illustration and has illustrated numerous books, including works by Leo Tolstoy, Fedor Dostoevsky, and Jonathan Swift. Among her awards is the Leipzig competition for her illustrations for Fedor Dostoevsky’s “Netochka Nezvanova.” Alongside her illustrative work, Lilya Ratner has also worked in larger scale, creating decorative panels shown in exhibitions in Montreal (Canada), Osaka (Japan), New Delhi (India). She has also had a solo exhibit in Washington, highlighting illustrative prints for Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels.”

In 1961, she gained membership to the Artist’s Union and also took part in one of the first Soviet underground Avant Garde exhibits. In 1962 she took part in a well-known exhibition in Manezh destroyed by Khrushev, followed by ousting from the Artists’ Union. She was reinstalled after Khrushev’s dismissal.

During 1996-2004 Ratner worked on a graphics cycle on Old Testament themes “The Prophets.” Some of those pieces were gathered in an international exhibit in France.

In 2007 she began creating a series of works—“The People of the Bible in Auschwitz”—dedicated to the tragedy of the Holocaust, shown in Moscow. She has two published collections of gravures on biblical themes.

A lecturer and author of “The Search for the Meaning of Beauty,” Ratner also continues to show works at the Graphics Biennale in Brno (Czech Republic).

Title: The Prophet
Title: Abraham and
Title: Ascension of the
Prophet Elijah
Title: Ghetto II Title: Song of Songs
in Auschwitz
Title: Ghetto Title: Jacob's Dream