Roz Dimon

PALE MALE: A PilgrimageRoz Dimon’s work at the Shelter Island Exhibit, Shelter Island Historical Society Barn: Dimon’s “PALE MALE: A Pilgrimage” was recently acquired by the 9/11 Memorial Museum for its permanent collection.

Beth Grossman

Beth Grossman talk“They can try to destroy intellectual life in Iraq and we will keep making and sending more books.” Beth Grossman talks about collaboration with Iraqi friends on the book for the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here" at the International Print Center New York. The exhibit of 280 artists’ responses to the 2007 car bombing of the booksellers street in Baghdad are on view at 5 venues in New York.
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Ruh al'Alam

Thuluth script verseApplying a traditional Thuluth script verse. Placed above a mihrab in a small mosque in East London.

Michael Carter Lamb

michael carter lambMICHAEL CARTER contributes an exclusive original; collaborative work with founder Deborah Rise Mrantz. Ahava/Love will be available as supra-high quality Giclee repro on canvas, as the newest fine art addition to GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM la Bodega digital storefront!

Erling Hope

erling hopeThis past fall, Guildworks artist ERLING HOPE was part of a team created by Temple Adas Israel to re-envision the festival of Sukkot as a community-wide Jewish Harvest Festival. Erling Hope re-designed their sukkah.

Lil Copan

lil copanMark One of quadriptych The Four Evangelists project by Guildworks artist Lil Copan. Read more here

Trinity Band

trinityFelicidades! Trinity Band wins the Silver Dove Award (NL’s equivalent to the Dove Awards) for best album of 2012 for their album Que Mas. Purchase their specially signed first press CDs to benefit the homeless here


Partner Orgs and MinistriesLOGOS GUILDWORKS collaborates with partner organizations and ministries of philosophically and spiritually companion pastoral directions, encouraging exchange in (Abrahamic) faith-based ministry and collaborating in projects of shared substantive theological-ecclesial ecumenism. In partnering with various religious, secular-civic, theological and interfaith organizations, LOGOS GUILDWORKS seeks to inform and encourage transformative religious experience–through collaborations with arts-worship communities, and monasteries or retreats with emphasis in spiritual formation and contemplative life. As these venues manifest through partnerships and urban explorations of living into Hebrew bible and Christian Gospels from revitalized and resonant spheres, LOGOS GUILDWORKS enjoins congregants and communities, religious and lay people to vitally pursuing focused lives of fully lived faith.


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LOGOS GUILDWORKS partners and/or companion ministries continue shaping both spiritual landscape and directions of LOGOS GUILDWORKS. Developing and executing pastoral pursuits and artistic projects, LOGOS GUILDWORKS urges faith-based communities to modern modalities geared toward enabling artistic endeavor and vocation. We're holding new conversations and creating new environments by enacting and participating through design in dialogue; LOGOS GUILDWORKS' currently underway projects are listed below.

Holy Hill Project   Multi-paneled, museum-modern graphical (scriptural) sculpture connecting artists and seminaries. This installation will be mounted first at Andover Newton Seminary in MA, then travel as an exhibition across the US, possibly resolving in the Graduate Theological Union library exhibition space, in Berkeley, CA. Concepted as a multi-sensory installation involving theological and bible-study, as well as exegesis and (in viewing) discussion of the Beatitudes, the Holy Hill Project actively engages people who love artwork and resonate with words of faith, encouraging deepened spiritual sensibilities through typographic articulations of theology and Jesus’ life in the Beatitudes of the Gospels.

Subway Sola Scriptura   Large-scale project bringing Scripture to subways; premiere work of a five-part series depicting the Solas, essential theological tenets of Protestant Christianity, Solas involves repurposing and re-envisioning subway (metro) advertising and marketing spaces in specific cities, in the United States and Europe. Subway Sola Scriptura spiritually reframes the “frequency and reach” concept endemic to the advertising and marketing industries by artworks’ commercial positioning in city subways. Subway Sola Scriptura intentionally re-sacrilizes metropolitan subway spaces in creating urban, re-formed and re-envisioned tabernacles for God’s word.

Stations of the Cross   Individual series of 14 panels typographically depicting Jesus’ Passion, created for use in personal prayer and devotion, as well as for community in churches.

1002 Nights   Saints & Mystics, Imams and Ba’al Shems - Series of artworks exploring the visual language of sacrament, piety, and spiritual wisdom of contemporary figures of Abrahamic traditions in the church, (Ashkenaz) sheytl-synagogue, and mosque.

IKON   Project based in early Russian Icons will be created in partnership with the Museum of Russian Icons which encourages artists and scholars to work with the museum’s extensive collection and library resources.

Moveable Feast   Series of small (portable) shrines–conceptually derived from Eastern Christianity’s legacy of wearing portable icons for personal reflection and devotion.

Tabernacle | Mishkan   Site-specific, indoor-outdoor worship gathering places designed and developed by members of the Guildworks in collaboration with other professional artists, lay participants and administrative members of supporting organizations hosting the project.


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Holy Hill Project exhibition

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HOLY HILL PROJECT     8|10 Pieces in Abrahamic Tradition Andover Newton Seminary + Pacific School of Religion GTU | Center Jewish Studies | New College Berkeley

God, who may abide in your tabernacle? Who may dwell on Your holy hill?  Psalm 15: 1-2  

The HOLY HILL PROJECT hopes to partner academic and artistic resources from the Graduate Theological Union's Pacific School of Religion, New College Berkeley and CJS, (on Holy Hill) in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, with Andover Newton Seminary's CIRCLE, and 'Journey's on the Hill' interfaith programs, creating a bridge in innovative theological work taking place in both distinguished Seminary consortia on East and West coasts. Our cross-paneled digital-to-laminate aluminum artwork series combines the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount (Christianity) and the words of Jeremiah 31:3 "I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I draw you to me with lovingkindness."(Judaism's Hebrew Bible) in an inter-religious, reflective, multi-panel/muti-sensory design installation.The HOLY HILL PROJECT envisions multi-paneled, museum-modern graphical scriptural sculpture entitled Holy Hill, An Everlasting Love installed in the two primary host venues of Andover Newton Theological School and Pacific School of Religion and/or the Graduate Theological Union library, or another arts ministry venue. Potential sponsors and venues for display include currently slated Christ Church, Santa Fe (New Mexico) and will embrace key lay and ecclesial destinations between Andover Newton Seminary in Massachusetts, and the GTU. Panels will be constructed in an exhibition-ready format, prepared for installation and ready for portability between sites. The HOLY HILL PROJECT connects Scripture to the places people seek communion with God and community with each other–encouraging God’s word, entering hearts where people love art and resonate with words of faith. Currently LOGOS GUILDWORKS is working with dynamic interfaith organizations like Faith House Manhattan, and we also anticipate working with CIRCLE and Journeys on the Hill, the interfaith|inter-religious dialogue programs at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College, as well as the Pacific School of Religion, Center for Jewish Studies and New College Berkeley in the GTU, in Berkeley California.