Helen L Burke online Artists Residencies

Thursday, 30 September 2010 02:11

annually from last Advent Sunday through feast of Transfiguration  December through August

Helen L Burke, (artist-in-residence)  lived her faith through Union of American Hebrew Congregations Camp Swig for Living Judaism for two decades. Helen was mentor, guide, teacher, journeyman/professional artist—partly spiritual mentor and encourager; across the arc of two decades she continued to embody the qualities of a "lamed-vavnik" (one of the thirty-six tzadikkim, [righteous souls] on whose shoulders the world rests in holiness) in her wisdom given to those she helped form into artists, liturgical and lay instructors, architects, musicians, rabbis and cantors. Much of her work was collaborative. As an artist she loved process and materials: mosaic tile, sheet copper and copper wire, bent, shaped and hammered–welded with oxyacetylene torch.

HELEN L. BURKE  artists residencies fellowship
The Helen L. Burke online Artist Residencies Fellowship is designed to sponsor (collaborative) Abrahamically faith-based projects, providing online exposure to established and emerging artists whose work is informed by faith, tradition, scripture, and the witness of the Holy Spirit. The Burke Fellowship gathers three artists in the Abrahamic faiths (Jewish, Muslim and Christian) encouraging concurrent work within a thread or common theme. Theological, Pastoral and humanitarian themes are set each year by interfaith Seminarian, Deborah Risa Mrantz who will work directly with all three artists to empower each individually and within their community of the Burke Artist Residencies–helping these artists enter into dialogue and clear, cogent conversation with each other as they begin their artistic journeys and fellowship tenure. Encouraging and enabling artists in the Abrahamic faith traditions, GUILDWORKS core values remain rooted in continuing to nourish faith-communities through discerningly utilising art's power and universality, empowering generative embrace as innovative religious dialogues and spiritual experience through new, contemporary paradigms of God's word and work in the world. Stipend annual award of $1000 to each artist allows artists to work collaboratively, and provides seed money toward GUILDWORKS offering pieces created through the Burke Fellowship to various faith communities for devotion, worship, arts-ministry programs and Pastoral Chaplaincy to the Abrahmaic faiths.  

Artworks created under this program explore faith/spiritual-formation through arts venues for religious communities; Burke Fellowship projects may also incorporate music and film projects offered for worship in Abrahamic faith communities. Aspects of the Fellowships include exploring and articulating lived faith, offering arts apprenticeships and speaking in Synagogues, Churches and Mosques, ultimately providing innovative partnerships in facilitating pastoral care through arts-enriching communities.

Please download BURKE ARTIST RESIDENCIES submissions criteria