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LOGOS is honored to present an intimate community of LOGOS GUILDWORKS MEMBERS; below are windows into signature works, websites, artist statements, bios, key links to artwork, reviews, blogs and other places where artists find a ground of belonging to God, Christ and Church. Listings showcase members’ selected works and faith-informed interests and explorations, experiments and current conversations.

LOGOS GUILDWORKS possesses a unique identity, contemporarily speaking to the historical, ecclesial faith-based artists guilds while also returning to the divine role of the artist appointed by God, for multi-dimensionally articulating the holy. LOGOS GUILDWORKS' dedication to encouraging and re-forming creative expression Deo Gloria (for the glory of God) provides unparalleled opportunity for collaborative ministry and pastoral care through shaping lives of lived faith. Grounded in theological, artistic and historical precedent, LOGOS GUILDWORKS bears witness to intertestamental syntheses in Abrahamic faith. From Bezalel's appointment (in the Hebrew scriptures) as the artist chosen to design and render the ark of the covenant–charged by God to joyfully, masterfully express God's divine holiness and presence through artistry, to re-envisioning Saint Luke's inspired artists guilds, LOGOS GUILDWORKS catalyzes contemporary artistic expression and voicing of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament Gospels.

Kate Campbell online

Media Music


Kate Campbell’s endearing, clear-water vocal delivery, eloquent gift for storytelling (which has drawn repeated comparisons to such bastions of the Southern writing tradition as Flannery O'Connor, Eudora Welty and William Faulkner) and easy command of a full-range of American music styles, have combined to earn Campbell recognition as a formidable talent.

As the daughter of a Baptist preacher from Sledge, Mississippi, Kate's formative years were spent in the very core of the civil rights movement of the 1960's, and the indelible experiences of those years have shaped her heart, character and convictions ever since. As a child of the South, her musical tastes were forged in the dampered, smoky fires of soul, R&B, Southern rock, country, gospel, and folk music.

Elke Reva Sudin online

Media Visual Arts


Elke Reva Sudin is an illustrator who draws inspiration from urban culture and her Jewish heritage. She founded SUDINmagazine and JewishArtNow with the aim to redefine 21st century art for the Jewish community, and received critical acclaim for her “Hipsters and Hassids” painting series. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York has collected her work, and she has curated art exhibitions at the Flomenhaft Gallery, Gallery Bar, and Industry City. She has been featured in publications such as the New York Press, Jewish Week, ZEEK, and Tablet Magazine. Sudin is an engaging and magnetic public speaker, and has presented at the Jewish Art Salon, Limmud FSU, and Tribefest in Las Vegas. Sudin received a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in New York, and serves on the board of the Jewish Alumni Association of Pratt Institute, as well as the board of the Jewish Art Salon in New York. She has also worked with Jewish diversity group Be'chol Lashon, music label Shemspeed, and advocacy group Artists 4 Israel. Recently, Sudin was named one of the Jewish Week's “36 Under 36” young Jewish innovators. Sudin lives with her husband Saul, a filmmaker, in Brooklyn, New York

Craig Goodworth online

Media Moving Image Video, Sculpture


Artist/writer Craig Goodworth received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Master of Liberal Studies in Sustainable Communities through Northern Arizona University.  Following his time as an artist-in-residence at an Eastern Orthodox monastic community in rural northern New Mexico, he worked on a collection of writings under the Thomas Mullen Writing Fellowship at the Earlham School of Religion.  He completed his Master of Fine Arts through Azusa Pacific University in 2010.  While his formative training was in sculpture and aesthetic/theological issues related to the body, his present interdisciplinary practice involves working in a variety of media, including drawing and sculpture as well as performance that he documents with video. Currently he is at work on a project that engages immigration and the social body in his home state of Arizona through the Gimilus Chassidum Fellowship. He is the artist practitioner in residence (2011-2012) in the Center for Peace and Justice at George Fox University.  Craig has exhibited his artworks and lectured throughout the United States and abroad.  Enjoying walking, manual work and travel, Craig, his wife, son and pup presently reside in Oregon.

Huda Totonji online

Media Design, Moving Image Video


Huda Totonji is an established Arab female artist. She obtained her BA in Studio Art and MFA in Art and Visual Technology from the US with academic excellence. She is a master calligrapher certified in teaching Arabic Calligraphy (Ijazat Alkhat Alarabi). As a great enhancement for future leadership in academia, her interest in scholarly research guided the completion of her PhD degree in Fine Art and Visual Technology. As an artist, researcher, and lecturer Huda has gained extensive recognition in various exhibitions, as well as universities in the United States, internationally enjoying substantial media coverage. Currently engaged in Performance Art, Video Installation, Multi-Media, Drawing, Painting, and Photography, Huda’s doctoral dissertation explores the integration of text and image in Islamic calligraphy, female subjectivity, art and science. Her career is focused on establishing robust educational channels between international schools and other universities in Saudi Arabia, ultimately leading Saudi female educators and artists into outstanding, productive and creative educational environments.

Alfonse Borysewicz online

Media Visual Arts


Born in Detroit in 1957, Alfonse Borysewicz has been residing in Brooklyn since 1988, where he and his family have been members of the Oratory Church of St. Boniface. He received a master's degree in theology before studying painting at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. Borysewicz has received two Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grants (1987, 1992) and a Guggenheim Painting Fellowship (1995). He has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Japan. His writings can also be found in Image (Journal of Art and Religion). Jonathon Goodman wrote in Art in America "Borysewicz's ability to invent a language of transcendence which is both traditional and of the moment makes him a compelling artist."

He Qi online

Media Visual Arts


Dr. He Qi was a professor at the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and a tutor for master candidate students in the Philosophy Department of Nanjing University. He is also a member of the China Art Association and a council member of the Asian Christian Art Association (please check www.asianchristianart.org for more information about He Qi). Dr. He Qi was the first among Mainland Chinese to earn Ph.D. in the Religious art after Cultural Revolution. He wrote his dissertation while studying at Hamburg Art Institute in Germany, where he was also able to pursue research in medieval art. His work has been well received overseas. He has exhibited in Kyoto, Hong Kong, Geneva, Hamburg, London, St.Paul, San Francisco, Berkeley and Madison, New Haven, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Madison, Washington, Princeton, Detroit, Toronto, as well as in mainland China.

Leroy Fresquez online

Media Sculpture


From an initial five years of metal-welding class starting at the age of 13, through Peñasco High School and directly after, Leroy Fresquez Jr attended Northern New Mexico Community College to gain a degree in Welding Technology. He started focusing on sculpture with an emphasis on artistic designs. Leroy began selling work early, and continued to sell to his local Northern New Mexico community until finally dedicating more time to sculpture as his passion and his livelihood. In 2007 he participated in the High Road Art Tour, and several years later entered as master-level presenter and professional into Santa Fe 2010 Contemporary Hispanic Market, also exhibiting in Contemporary Winter Hispanic Market in Santa Fe.

Roz Dimon online

Media Multi-media


I could draw before I could talk. My kindergarten teacher called my parents and said, "Have you seen this kid draw?" They had. I’m still drawing but now the cave wall has changed - the canvas is a Mac G4, the brush has an infinite grasp and the gallery is both real and virtual. When asked “Is it a photograph, a painting, a website, an installation?" I respond "all of the above." When you are creating something new you don’t know what it is - which makes it difficult to describe. For now I call these post 9/11 works “Dimonscapes®.” or “web paintings.” When The Whitney issued a recent call for the "next big thing in YouTube", I responded with this: “The next big thing isn’t video at all; it’s a new dimension painted with a new brush.” This didn't prove popular. But a recent work was purchased by Walter Liedtke, the curator of 17th century art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Michael R Carter online

Media Visual Arts


For the past twenty years Michael has been involved in education, from curriculum design and classroom teaching to speaking at national conferences. His teachings posts have ranged from Kindergarten to University level. In the mid-1990's, Michael was asked to develop an art program for Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN., one of the premier Classical Christian Schools in the U.S., where he would eventually teach Art, History and Latin for several years. Currently Michael teaches art and creative writing at Trinity Christian Preparatory School in Charlotte, NC.

Erling Hope online

Media  Sculpture, Digital Moving Image


Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate work includes studies in art and liturgical environment at Pratt Institute, Skidmore College, and Yale University. I studied under sculptors Leroy Setziol in the Pacific Northwest, and William King in New York. I have exhibited widely and am represented in private and liturgical collections throughout the United States. Hands-on experience designing and building spans nearly 30 years. I currently serve as President of the Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture, NYC, and served as Artist-in-Residence for Andover Newton Theological Schools summer Institute for Theology and the Arts, 1999-2002, and served as Pastoral Clerk for Peconic Bay Quaker Meeting from 2006-2009.


Media Visual Arts


Lil Copan is Senior Acquisitions Editor in charge of Christian Living trade lines at Abingdon Press, primary Methodist publisher of books on Christian spirituality, ecumenism, Religion and Theology. Lil is also Senior Acquisitions Editor for Ave Maria Press Catholic publishers. From her background in literature and the arts, she also alternately pens a monthly column, "On Art," for Christian Century magazine. Lil's engagement in spiritual direction and contemplative practice shapes her devotional life, also informing her painting through the impulses of native art and the spiritual language of icons.

Deborah Risa Mrantz online

Media Design


Deborah Risa Mrantz is currently an MDIV seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School in Boston MA, and incoming seminarian at Pacific School of Religion; she is also founder and executive creative of LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS AND MINISTRIES INC, a modern interfaith ministry in pastoral chaplaincy, design-arts ministry and worship fusing art and faith in a new conceptual paradigm revealing God's word in Scripture. Deborah's calling has developed over thirty years from beginnings in music and fine art apprenticeships at Congregationalist Punahou School, through Jewish theological work in sculpture and liturgical arts maturing and culminating in ecumenical works in the lexicons of language-publishing, printing and multi-sensory digital design.

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