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LOGOS is honored to present an intimate community of LOGOS GUILDWORKS MEMBERS; below are windows into signature works, websites, artist statements, bios, key links to artwork, reviews, blogs and other places where artists find a ground of belonging to God, Christ and Church. Listings showcase members’ selected works and faith-informed interests and explorations, experiments and current conversations.

LOGOS GUILDWORKS possesses a unique identity, contemporarily speaking to the historical, ecclesial faith-based artists guilds while also returning to the divine role of the artist appointed by God, for multi-dimensionally articulating the holy. LOGOS GUILDWORKS' dedication to encouraging and re-forming creative expression Deo Gloria (for the glory of God) provides unparalleled opportunity for collaborative ministry and pastoral care through shaping lives of lived faith. Grounded in theological, artistic and historical precedent, LOGOS GUILDWORKS bears witness to intertestamental syntheses in Abrahamic faith. From Bezalel's appointment (in the Hebrew scriptures) as the artist chosen to design and render the ark of the covenant–charged by God to joyfully, masterfully express God's divine holiness and presence through artistry, to re-envisioning Saint Luke's inspired artists guilds, LOGOS GUILDWORKS catalyzes contemporary artistic expression and voicing of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament Gospels.

Typecast Films :: Arab Film Distribution online

Arts Statement

When AFD began "spreading the word" about Arab Cinema, we had only five films in our library - the titles we acquired after the first ever Arab Film Festival at the 1990 Goodwill Arts Games in Seattle. The charm of these films seduced the audience and highlighted a profound enthusiasm for Arab Cinema.

Our distribution project began soon after that as an effort to maintain a permanent flow of Arab films - our version of a year round "Arab Film Festival". Since then, AFD has provided American and Canadian theaters, universities, colleges, museums and media centers with many Arab films of high artistic and educational value. Our business has grown slowly and appreciation for Arab films steadily.

Nacer Khemir online

Media French Tunesian Filmmaker, Poet, Sculptor, Performing Artist

Mohamed Al-Nasir Al-Khumeir

Artist Bio

Nacer Khemir (Mohamed Al-Nasir Al-Khumeir) is a world-renowned Tunisian film director and writer working with themes in classical Arabic culture and Sufi mysticism. Based in Paris and working internationally, his explorations of narrative, the spiritual/life journey, and the desert relate a wide-reaching hospitable understanding of Arab culture and Islam. Quoting the famous Sufi Ibn Arabi, Nacer Khemir has said: "My heart can be pasture for deer and a convent for monks, a temple for idols and a Kaaba for the pilgrims. It is both the tables of the Torah and the Koran. It professes the religion of Love wherever its caravans are heading. Love is my law. Love is my faith." Nacer Khemir has won numerous awards for his films, including The Lost Dove’s Necklace, Bab’Aziz, The Wanderers of the Desert.

Shmoolik online

Shmoo store


Media Music, Visual Art


Shmoo is a critically acclaimed creative artist and art director from Paris. New York-taught and now based out of Jerusalem, he uses photography, typography and vectors as a way of collecting material to realize powerful ads, posters and visual art.

Ismaël Ferroukhi online

Media French Filmmaker

Artist Bio

Ismaël Ferroukhi is a firmly established French-Morrocan film director and writer. Winner of the Kodak Prize of the 1993 Cannes Film Festival and Lion of the Future “Luigi De Laurentiis” Award for First Feature Film at the Venice Film Festival for Le Grand Voyage. More recently Ferroukhi has directed the film Free Men, based on a Paris Mosque in World War II that became a hiding place for Jews.


Media Music Rap, Hip-Hop

Bio/Artist Statement

Bob Lesnefsky is a pre-eminent Catholic MC and sought-after performance homilist. Together with his Rap as Righteous B, he serves as president of Dirty Vagabond Ministries–with over 10 years of hands-on experience in youth ministry, and as a (youth) minister in both Urban and Suburban churches. Bob is currently an active Christian Hip Hop artist and speaker traveling to over 100 venues a year, using rap music as part of transforming culture and utilizing its outreach to touch people of all ages and denominations, in all walks of life.

Christian Guémy online

Media Graffiti Artist

Bio/Artist Statement

I am Catholic; I paint faces of religious people from all over the world without making distinctions of culture, ethnicity or education. For a portraitist mysticism is the gathering of all mankind behind painted faces–emotion brought by any human face–being the most direct and most genuine proof of the importance of any life, any identity and any soul. As a Catholic I see beauty in every human visage–particularly society's neglected minorities, homeless, marginalized and trivialized as the most beautiful of God's creations, in whom Christ lives; my street portraiture aims always to show their dignity embodying compassion as a testament to God's equal love for all human beings.www.flickr.com/photos/c215/show/

Ruh al-'Alam online

Media Design


Ruh al-'Alam is the founding artist of Visual Dhikr, and the founding partner of design studio Make Me Believe. Born in London of Bangladeshi origin, Ruh al-'Alam is a young graduate in illustration and graphic design, from Central Saint Martins. He works in a variety of mediums including illustration, film, audio, interactivity and photography, and newly in sculpture and digital interactive work. Ruh's work uses his own Arabic scripts with a contemporary digital graphic design influence; Core areas of his work are Calligraphy–modern but in keeping with traditional script work; Paintings based on his calligraphic works; Interactive work for presentations and online presence; Art installations integrating sound and imagery. The work is often displayed as oil/acrylic paintings, art prints, screen prints or projections. Ruh founded Visual Dhikr in 2003, concentrating on the spiritual element in remembrance of God and contemplation of His Creation, concepts appearing often as threads throughout his work. Ruh al-'Alam has also founded and currently runs his own collaborative design studio, Make Me Believe from London.

Jim LePage online

Media Design, Visual Arts


Jim LePage is an artist and graphic designer in Bellingham, WA, working as Senior Designer with Logos Bible Software, as well as having his own graphic design business. He has an ongoing project, Word, creating original designs based on each book of the Bible. LePage is also co-creator and curator of Old & New, a collaborative design project based on passages in the Bible.

Steven Spann online

Media Sculpture, Visual Arts

Bio/Artist Statement

Steven Spann (born 1969) works in collaboration using discarded objects chosen by third parties. His work focuses on social engagement exploring the questions of value and worth. Many of these pieces are layered using acrylic, polymer, spray paint, cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, clothing, etc. Spann is completely ambidextrous so many pieces are done left hand or right hand exclusive; This contributes to his wide range of discipline.

Spann has exhibited work across the United States and he has had solo exhibitions in Dallas, Philadelphia and Las Vegas; he also has been artist-in-residence at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. His work appears in several public and private collections including Sir Elton John, Donald Trump (NY), Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (NV), Biblical Arts Museum (Dallas, TX), Rick Hilton (LA), and Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (NV). Spann currently lives and works in Las Vegas, NV.

Baruch Chertok


Media (Fashion) Design


Baruch, currently based in Brooklyn, seamlessly bridges the gap between art, music and fashion as well as culture, spirituality and philosophy into his designs. A graduate of FIDM in San Francisco and a fashion & graphic designer by trade who has worked for industry leaders such as Bisou Bisou and Z.Cavaricci, Baruch's relationship with Judaism sprouted from a seemingly simple question: What does it mean to be Jewish? The question had a profound impact leading Baruch on an exploration that resulted in a major shift in his perspective. Dveykus is a by-product of his journey.

Maece Seirafi online

Media Design, Visual Arts


Maece Seirafi was born in San Francisco, California but was raised in Damascus, Syria, where most of her love of letterforms, art, poetry and calligraphy was cultivated. In 2005 she graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles with a BFA in Communication Arts. Arabic calligraphy and Latin letterforms remained a strong, central theme throughout her work at Otis. After an extensive Type Design class with the renown type designer Leah Hoffmitz, bilingual identities in typography led her to pursue and complete an MFA at the Graphic Design program at the California Institute of the Arts in 2010. She studied under several talented design visionaries such as Louise Sandhaus, Lorraine Wild, Ed Fella, Michael Worthington, and Jefferey Keedy. Seirafi continues to explore the nuances of Arabic and Latin typography, and how bilingual identities could be further developed typographically. She is an independent graphic designer heavily involved in several local Arab American projects as well as multicultural organizations. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Maece Seirafi’s work is recognized by INDEX DESIGN:Designing Water’s Future 2010 book CalArts Magazine Summer 2010 issue Communication Arts July/Aug 2009 issue INDEX DESIGN: AIGA/Aspen Design Challenge 2009 Finalist Certificate of Outstanding Achievement from Department of Water and Power 2009 First Place Logo Competition 2007 for Reach Program Otis Best of Show Exhibition 2005, Communication Arts.


Media Music


Trinity is a band formed by 4 young talented musicians from The Netherlands. Three of the band members, the Smelt brothers, spent their childhood in Peru. Their South American up-tempo musical roots together with their love for Celtic music are the ingredients of Trinity's passionate pop songs. Their first album named 'Inicio' was released in October of 2007 and was received very well by their audience. Trinity continued to develop as a band and in the summer of 2008 they won a band battle for the Netherlands’ biggest Christian broadcasting agency, the EO. This formed the onset for their second album ‘Cada Dia’ which they recorded in January 2009. ‘Cada Dia’ mixes the Peruvian roots and Celtic influences with African beats and up-tempo grooves. They have a strong live performance that makes the crowd swing, sing along and dance. Last summer Trinity played at the mainstage of the biggest Dutch ‘Xnoizz Flevo festival’. They also played as a support act for ‘NewWorldSon’ (Canada), ‘IONA’ (UK) and ‘Sons of Korah’(Australia). Up till now they have recorded 4 albums and sold over 30 000 cd’s.

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