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Philanthropy in the language of the street–from New York City’s East Village to Park Ave to Spanish Harlem. The Hague, to South America to Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico. iABRAHAMTM celebrates rough-edged creativity and innovation with found-art raw results in concoctions made by hardnox ambassadors, envoys, purveyors and products of hipster goods and services on the fringe. Grime-n’glory, hands and hearts hardened by the urban desert and City grind. iABRAHAMTM not-for-prophet hospitality willingly partners with these mainstreamFringe elements and cultural underground aficionados.

Logos Guildworks Ministries

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 01:30

Welcome to LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES inc intrafaith community, and the opening of this joyous ministry in scripture–word and holy spirit coming to dwell among us these seasons. LOGOS ministry’s opening this Christmas is the culmination of many hands and hearts and souls over three years. Building and stewarding the incarnate word we hope LOGOS has been blessed by fruits of the Spirit. Throughout these seasons into Epiphany, we’ll continue to enter content into the website–as well as present specific artworks of LOGOS GUILDWORKS inaugural artists working with scripture in the Abrahamic faiths. 

LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES inc is an ecumenical, charismatic-revelatory endeavor founded in Advent 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico. We are a modern (Abrahamic) interfaith ministry and arts guild fusing faith and art in a new paradigm revealing God’s word in scripture. Galvanizing spiritual formation by visually, musically and in digital-video/film formats re-envisioning God's inspired word, LOGOS GUILDWORKS also encourages co-joined Islamic family to our common Abrahamic embrace, partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with Chassidic Judaism's joyful witness in voicing the Hebrew bible and Christian Gospels.

We'll continue to bring LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES online these next few months; as we move and connect through these dialogues, please interact via our youTube channel with different dimensions and planes of engagement in faith and pastoral care–our language and lexicon of God's word and work in the world as artistic voicing of the Gospel. Please journey patiently with us. And Godspeed.