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GUILDWORKS | Vision and Values

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 20:19



All images Punahou School Robert Shipman Thurston
Chapel used by permission; Debra diCandilo

LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES inc is an ecumenical, charismatic-revelatory endeavor founded in Advent 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico. We are a modern (Abrahamic) interfaith initiative and arts-guild, fusing faith-formation, arts-ministry Fellowships and pastoral-care conversations in newly emerging paradigms. Innovatively sharing across three faiths inside a new tabernacle, we're galvanizing faith-formation by visually, musically and in digital-video/film formats re-envisioning God's inspired word. GUILDWORKS encourages all Abrahamic family to covenantally common ground partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with new Chassidic Judaism's joyful witness–living relevantly and generatively into authentic architectures of Abrahamic faith.

We'll continue to bring LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES online these next months. As we move and connect, we welcome you! Interact via our youTube channel with diverse dimensions in faith-formation, fellowships and pastoral care–our language and lexicon of God's word and work in the world.

Encouraging a wide gamut of ecumenical, online chaplaincies and cross-media ministry, LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES engages interfaith religious life through online and actual communities shaping vital, sustainable faith-formation/worship experiences, bridging commonalities of minhag and missional living. Through contemporary web-based chaplaincy, GUILDWORKS works pastorally to seed places of belonging, embracing ecumenism based in substantive (perspectival) theologies, while functioning as online conduit compelling us through richly dimensional interaction with God's inspired word–to directly, passionately experiencing God.


LOGOS MINISTRIES (is also an ecumenically based arts guild) whose members palpably participate in living the creative injunction of Genesis, Let us make man in our image, and the Gospel's In creating we are God's workmanship. LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES believes in elevating conversations about how we manifest creativity in God's kingdom, individually and communally seeking intimate, and refined relationship to the Divine. LOGOS GUILDWORKS shapes spiritual/devotional lives through contemporary arts-worship ministry; GUILDWORKS pastoral character is composed of immediate, raw relationship and engagement with what is Divine–experienced by loving God with our hearts and souls, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. 

Celebrating our faiths by witness of 'messengering' the Gospel–and living through joyful intimacy in d'veykus (cleaving to God), Divine, holy sparks (in Chassidic belief) eternally manifest inside every place we move, connect and collaboratively live. LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES catalyzes conversations on human imperfection, redemption, salvation and atonement–through Gimilus Chassidim, (deeds of mercy, compassion and lovingkindness). "The word for world in Hebrew is olam, cognate to the word helem-concealment. The world was created in such a way that Godliness is buried and concealed within it. Only by removing the concealment will the light of Godliness hidden within it be revealed." Every person is obligated to say, "The world (ha'olam) was created for me." We should not read this as "the world," but "the concealment" (ha'helem). Humankind has the calling and obligation to remove the concealment through the service of G-d. Lubbavitcher Rebbe  GUILDWORKS life in real and virtual community models living-faith based on early Jewish-Christian churches, and on Eastern European shteytls (dwelling places of Chassidism's source) intimately meeting in small gatherings and people's homes, or small places of worship full of joyfulness, diffidence and humility. Living authentically in God's kingdom and becoming Ba'al Shem masters of the good name, with sustainable loving resonance we're pastorally and artistically voicing both Hebrew bible and the Gospel; meeting the poor in spirit, those hungry and thirsting, who are meek and mourning, seeking righteousness and pureness of heart.


In our faith-communities and fellowship, when we're fully engaged by authentically living Abrahamic religions we creatively and culturally also find ourselves belonging to new, emerging architectures. Our nascent longings to touch, taste, see, feel and hear divine essence in our lives multi-dimensionally imbues both visual and hearing kingdoms, reflecting our love for God in places of belonging and echoing inner joy–d'veykus(cleaving to God) by the beauties of monasticism, contemplative life and prayer. And it's here, in these structures our feelings soulfully outpour when we meet in minyan or congregate "where two or more gather in His name."

Creating an Abrahamic arbor, faiths' architectures (tabernacles) call us to living the Gospels, to the psalms’ intense devotions and to scripture’s core stories of mutually held faith. Through LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES we meet God's inspied word–enlivened, animate, tactile. As sculpted and textured language scripture becomes prayerfully, worshipfully witnessed in wellspring and source.

GUILDWORKS artworks and chaplaincies co-join the essential covenantal call to Abraham in Genesis, L'chi lach lech l'cha vaderech “Go out from your country and kinsmen to be a blessing unto the Nations…I shall bless you, and in you all the families of the Earth shall be blessed” similarly holding Jesus' call to us to be “Salt and Light, a city on a hill,” light of the world and new Jerusalem for humankind.