And in You all Nations will be Blessed
And in You all Nations will be Blessed

The LORD said to Abram, “Leave your land, your relatives, and your father's home. Go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing to all nations.” GEN 12:1-2  We are all Abraham's descendants. Jews, Christians and Muslims bring with them, together with their unique birthrights from the Father of the great Western Faiths, the longstanding, seminal sibling rivalries that run through the lines and life of Abraham's family. And yet for all our differences, each of our three faiths believes in a God who is known and manifest to us as Divinely revealed. Mystic, martyr, messenger of the Good News, our seeds come from the fertile ground of the first man to understand God's eclipsing, encompassing oneness. Jews and Christians live their lives in accordance to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Muslims live according to the five pillars of Islam and the word of Allah, which came through their last and final prophet, Muhammud. All of us though with different trajectories, revolve around the briilliant light that is One God. There is no God but God, and blessed is [s]HE who comes in the name of God.



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LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES is an ecumenical, charismatic-revelatory endeavor founded in Advent 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico. We are a modern (Abrahamic) interfaith initiative and arts-guild fusing faith-formation, arts-ministry Fellowships and pastoral-care conversations in new, contemporary paradigms. Galvanizing lived-faith by visually, musically and in digital-video/film formats re-envisioning God's inspired word, we're cultivating connectivity in cross-fatih dialogues. Interact via our youTube channel in GUILDWORKS intersecting communities, participate as we engage our faiths through the language and lexicon of God's word and work in the world. GUILDWORKS encourages all Abrahamic family to covenantally common ground, partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with new Chassidic Judaism's joyful witness–living relevantly and generatively, authentically into the wellsprings of Abrahamic faith.

Deborah Risa Mrantz's ministry which she founded and heads through Logos GUILDWORKS Ministries is palpable witness to the coming of a new period in Jewish-Christian ecclesial and ecumenical art. In content and approach, GUILDWORKS pieces reverence with sophisticated graphic application and design, the incarnational nature of the Word in Christian faith, as they celebrate with astute subtlety the growing rapprochement between twenty-first century Christianity and historic, to contemporary Judaism. Superb in conceptualization and in technique, Mrantz's and Logos GUILDWORKS pieces testify to the once-honored, but almost forgotten role of Guild artists as a body of consecrated servants of God ordained by their faith and equipped by God with singular talents for both the being and doing of the Kingdom. Phyllis Tickle



In our faith-communities and fellowship, when we're fully engaged by authentically living Abrahamic religions we creatively and culturally find ourselves belonging to new, emerging architectures. Our nascent longings to touch, taste, see, feel and hear divine essence in our lives multi-dimensionallyplease download PDF Damascus through Jerusalem 
imbues both visual and hearing kingdoms, reflecting our love for God in places of belonging and echoing inner joy–d'veykus (cleaving to God) by the beauties of monasticism, contemplative life and prayer. And it's here, in these structures our feelings outpour when we meet in minyan or congregate "where two or more gather in His name."

Creating an Abrahamic arbor, faiths' architectures (tabernacles) call us to living the Gospels, to the psalms’ intense devotions and to scripture’s core stories of mutually held faith. Through LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES we meet God's inspired word–enlivened, animate, tactile. As sculpted and textured language scripture becomes prayerfully, worshipfully witnessed in wellspring and source.

GUILDWORKS artworks and chaplaincies co-join the essential covenantal call to Abraham in Genesis, L'chi lach lech l'cha vaderech “Go out from your country and kinsmen to be a blessing unto the Nations…I shall bless you, and in you all the families of the Earth shall be blessed” similarly holding Jesus' call to be “Salt and Light, a city on a hill,” light of the world and new Jerusalem for humankind.



In the Palm of God's Hands; City of Holy Faith–Santa Fe New Mexico 2010

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